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Only You Hair and Beauty Salon

Only You Hair and Beauty Salon

Show Phone Number20 Deep Spinney Biddenham, Bedford, MK40 4QHUK
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Opening Hours

Tuesday09:30 - 21:00
Wednesday09:30 - 21:00
Thursday09:30 - 18:00
Friday09:30 - 17:00
Saturday09:00 - 16:00

Popular Treatments

Beauty Salon Enquiry
Electrolysis From ₱720
(5 mins)
Electrolysis From ₱964
(10 mins)
Electrolysis From ₱1118
(15 mins)
Sorisa Silkdermic Microdermabrasion Facial (single treatment) From ₱4053
(1 hour )
Reflexology From ₱3494
(1 hour )
Waxing Free
Facial From ₱908
Lip and Chin From ₱1083
Body Ultimate Facial Toning System (single treatment) From ₱3428
(1 hour )
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About Only You Hair and Beauty Salon

This five star salon that offers high quality beauty services in a luxurious environment is located at Biddenham in Bedford. The highly qualified therapists offer a pampering service where male and female customers can relax and escape their daily routine during visits. Late evening and Saturday appointments are available for customers who work full time. Services provided include haircuts, styling and colouring for male and female customers, fitting wigs, facials including anti-wrinkle facials, manicures and pedicures, hair removal by waxing or electrolysis, tanning and professional makeup including bridal makeup services.

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Beauty Salon Treatments

Facials and Makeup

Medical Aesthetics

Nail Treatments


Waxing and Hair Removal

Clinic Services

Open weekends - Saturday (Only)

Beauty Salon Treatments

Beauty Salon Enquiry
From ₱720
Electrolysis (5 mins)
From ₱964
Electrolysis (10 mins)
From ₱1118
Electrolysis (15 mins)

Medical Aesthetics

From ₱20964
Dermal Fillers
From ₱20964
Lip Augmentation
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
From ₱20964
Treatment for Wrinkles

Massage Therapy

From ₱3843
Aromatherapy Body Massage (1 hour )
From ₱2655
Indian Head Massage (30 mins)
From ₱2411
Swedish Back and Shoulder Massage (30 mins)

Holistic Health

From ₱2355
Hopi Ear Candling (1 hour )
From ₱3494
Reflexology (1 hour )

Facials and Makeup

From ₱3843
Collagen Facial (1 hour )
From ₱908
Eyebrow Shape
From ₱908
Brow Tint
From ₱1212
Brow Tint and Shape
Eyelash Extensions
From ₱4263
Eyelash Extensions
From ₱4284
Nouveau Lashes Full Treatment (2 hours )
From ₱1785
Semi Permanent - Nouveau Lashes (subsequent maintenance) (1 hour )
From ₱1363
Lash Tint
From ₱1999
Eyelash Perming (1 hour )
Facial and Makeup Salon Enquiry
From ₱3145
Aroma Essential Facial (1 hour )
From ₱3428
Body Ultimate Facial Toning System (single treatment) (1 hour )
HD Brows
From ₱2355
Cleanse and Make Up (including advice) (1 hour )
From ₱4053
Sorisa Silkdermic Microdermabrasion Facial (single treatment) (1 hour )
Permanent Makeup
From ₱17470
Permanent Makeup - Lash Enhancement (Bottom)
From ₱20964
Permanent Makeup - Lash Enhancement (Top)
From ₱27603
Permanent Makeup - Lash Enhancement (Top and Bottom)
From ₱31446
Permanent Makeup - Lash Enhancement and Eyeliner
From ₱34591
Permanent Makeup - Lash Enhancement and Part-Shaded Eyeliner
From ₱24458
Permanent Makeup - Lip Contour
From ₱27603
Permanent Makeup - Eyebrow Contours - Redesign natural hair
From ₱6988
Eyebrow Contours - Scars in Brow
From ₱34591
Lips Redefined with a Contour and Lip Blush
From ₱31446
Permanent Makeup - Lip Blush
From ₱45422
Permanent Makeup - Lips Full Colour
From ₱3494
Permanent Makeup - Beauty Mark
From ₱13627
Permanent Makeup Maintenance
Permanent Cosmetics Consultation
From ₱24458
Permanent Makeup - Eyebrow Contours - Powdered brow effect


Blow Dry
From ₱1677
Blow Dry (short)
From ₱2009
Blow Dry (medium)
From ₱2215
Blow Dry (long)
From ₱2771
Blow Dry (v long)
Hair Colouring and Highlights Treatments
From ₱3284
Highlights (cap short)
From ₱4420
Foils - Full Head (short)
From ₱4892
Foils - Full Head (medium)
From ₱5590
Foils - Full Head (long)
From ₱7617
Foils - Full Head (v long)
From ₱3284
Foils - Half Head (t-zone short)
From ₱3131
Semi-Permanent Colour (v long)
From ₱2166
Roots (medium)
From ₱2655
Roots (long)
From ₱3131
Roots (v long)
From ₱1768
Semi-Permanent Colour (short)
From ₱2222
Semi-Permanent Colour (medium)
From ₱2655
Semi-Permanent Colour (long)
From ₱280
Foils - Single Strips (v long)
From ₱2166
Tinting (short)
From ₱2655
Tinting (medium)
From ₱2795
Tinting (long)
From ₱3214
Tinting (v long)
From ₱1747
Roots (short)
From ₱3529
Foils - Half Head (t-zone medium)
From ₱4095
Foils - Half Head (t-zone long)
From ₱4402
Foils - Half Head (t-zone v long)
From ₱280
Foils - Single Strips (short)
From ₱280
Foils - Single Strips (medium)
From ₱280
Foils - Single Strips (long)
Hair Conditioning and Scalp Treatments
From ₱1324
Shampoo and Set (short)
From ₱1719
Shampoo and Set (medium)
From ₱2446
Shampoo and Set (long)
From ₱2771
Shampoo and Set (v long)
From ₱489
Intensive Conditioning (short)
From ₱643
Intensive Conditioning (medium)
From ₱804
Intensive Conditioning (long)
From ₱964
Intensive Conditioning (v long)
Hair Consulting
From ₱5783
Perms (short)
From ₱7233
Perms (medium)
From ₱8834
Perms (long)
From ₱11600
Perms (v long)
From ₱1048
Hair Ups
From ₱2009
Hair Ups (above shoulder)
From ₱2970
Hair Ups (on or past shoulder)
From ₱3843
Hair Ups (v long)
From ₱3934
Hair Ups (shampoo set or blow dry put up and styled above shoulders)
From ₱4979
Hair Ups (shampoo set or blow dry put up and styled on or past shoulder)
From ₱5542
Hair Ups (shampoo set or blow dry put up and styled v long)
Hair Extensions
From ₱321
One Extension
From ₱2893
10 Extensions
From ₱5783
20 Extensions
From ₱8637
30 Extensions
From ₱11562
40 Extensions
From ₱14451
50 Extensions
From ₱17344
60 Extensions
From ₱28550
80 or 100 Extensions
From ₱1768
Wet Cut (short)
From ₱1929
Wet Cut (medium)
From ₱2124
Wet Cut (long)
From ₱2488
Wet Cut (v long)
From ₱2009
Restyle Wet Cut (short)
From ₱2331
Restyle Wet Cut (medium)
From ₱1757
Cut and Blow Dry (inc complimentary setting aids for gentlemen)
From ₱3372
Restyle, Cut Shampoo and Blow Dry (short)
From ₱3857
Restyle, Cut Shampoo and Blow Dry (medium)
From ₱4535
Restyle, Cut Shampoo and Blow Dry (long)
From ₱5098
Restyle, Cut Shampoo and Blow Dry (v long)
From ₱1066
Dry Cut (gentlemen)
From ₱1363
Wet Cut (inc shampoo and conditioners for gentlemen)
From ₱3270
Cut Shampoo and Set (long)
From ₱3620
Cut Shampoo and Set (v long)
From ₱2851
Cut Shampoo and Blow Dry (short)
From ₱3372
Cut Shampoo and Blow Dry (medium)
From ₱3620
Cut Shampoo and Blow Dry (long)
From ₱4326
Cut Shampoo and Blow Dry (v long)
From ₱1440
Dry Cut (short)
From ₱1705
Dry Cut (medium)
From ₱1929
Dry Cut (long)
From ₱2331
Dry Cut (v long)
From ₱2296
Cut Shampoo and Set (short)
From ₱2648
Cut Shampoo and Set (medium)
From ₱2607
Restyle Wet Cut (long)
From ₱3214
Restyle Wet Cut (v long)
From ₱559
Fringe Trim (short)
From ₱559
Fringe Trim (medium)
From ₱559
Fringe Trim (long)
From ₱559
Fringe Trim (v long)

Nail Treatments

Gel Nails
From ₱2306
OPI Gel Fingers (1 hour 15 mins)
From ₱2516
OPI Gel Toes (1 hour 15 mins)
From ₱1642
Manicure (45 mins)
From ₱1048
File and Polish Fingers (30 mins)
Nail Extension and Overlays
From ₱3739
Fibreglass Extensions Full Set
From ₱374
Fibreglass Extensions Single
From ₱1852
Fibreglass Extensions Maintenance
From ₱3005
Bio Sculpture Nails Full Set
Nail Salon Enquiry
From ₱1957
Pedicure (1 hour )

Spa Breaks

From ₱2795
Day Therapy (1 hour )


Spray Tanning
From ₱894
Full Leg Spray Tanning
From ₱1785
Full Body Spray Tanning
Tanning Booths
From ₱210
Tanning Booth (3 mins)
From ₱349
Tanning Booth  (6 mins)
From ₱489
Tanning Booth  (9 mins)

Waxing and Hair Removal

From ₱1020
Bikini Line
From ₱1747
Brazilian Intimate Wax
From ₱2516
Full Leg and Bikini Wax
From ₱1467
Half to Three Fourth Leg
From ₱2027
Hollywood Intimate Wax
From ₱908
From ₱1020
Under Arm
From ₱908
From ₱1083
Lip and Chin

Payment Information


Private Patients Welcome

Miss Gemma

She is passionate about hairdressing and have been styling cutting and colouring hair for 14 years. Her particular area of expertise is colouring, whether it's hi-lights, semis, colour correction or fashion and creative colours.

Miss Sanita

My name is Sanita, I have been hairdressing for 17 years and I love it. I am a very positive and sociable person and enjoy meeting new clients as I am very friendly and love to chat. I love to try new things and with the years of experience that I've had I am confident with any cut, style or colour that you require. I am very approachable and enjoy meeting new people so new clients should never be anxious about talking to me.

Miss Rhea

My name is Rhea, I have been in the hair industry for 4 years now. My passion is doing peoples hair and making them feel good about themselves. I love all aspects of hair such as creative cutting, colouring, hair ups, styling and perming. I can express my creativity in my hair ups as I like to create different and unusual looks.
Show Phone Number20 Deep Spinney Biddenham, Bedford, MK40 4QHUK